why we sing together


I am a member of this chorus, not because I like the sound of my own voice but because I love making great music  together with my fellow singers and  making it come alive. To do this successfully, I will to maintain the highest standards of musicianship, performance and personal discipline; as my talents and circumstances allow. Even though we are not compensated financially, I will strive to be professional in all that I do. My reward comes from an inspiring performance that pays tribute to our Creator, fulfills the audience and brings me pleasure in being part of something much larger than myself. and to better accomplish this, I will


  • Attend every rehearsal possible
  • Be on time and ready to rehearse or perform at the appointed time and place

  • Prepare music in advance whenever provided the opportunity

  • Provide the persons in charge with my respect of attention and concentration

  • Annotate my music so that mistakes are not repeated

  • Rehearse problematic notes and passages on my own and be ready for the next rehearsal

  • Pay attention to the sound I make and the ensemble in which I particitipate

  • Grant my fellow performers the courtesy of expecting and respecting their professionalism

  • Follow the directions of stage and technical managers

In return, I will endure inconvenience and delay, provided I receive


  • Reasonable consideration of my time and effort

  • The fullest explanations available at the time

  • Reasonable notice of changes in schedule and logistics

  • Adequate appreciation of the limits of my vocal endurance

  • Conditions that allow me to perform at my best, given my circumstances

  • In short, treatment as an adult professional

The joy of being allowed to make beautiful and inspiring music is a gift from God and I will seek to maximize the talent I have been granted, in the company of like-minded individuals. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to do so and am pround of the reputation of the chorus that I am part of.