what we expect of you


TCS strives to create a fulfilling, interesting and challenging musical experience by blending volunteer singers and to delivering meaningful and enriching music experiences to our audiences.


We want to discover and nurture singers who strive for high standards when performing various music. This is crucial if we aspire to heighten expectations and express our deepest thoughts and which will engage the audience in a passionate and meaningful manner.

TCS members consider every rehearsal as a time of learning and discovery. Dedicated singers prepare for rehearsals by completing home assignments to learn lyrics, notes and rhythms. The voice is a complex instrument and our emphasis on proper vocal technique results in a warm, beautiful choral blend. Bring a recorder to capture the chorus in rehearsal to help you memorise the music.

Commitment and Punctuality

Rehearsals are held on Sundays from 7.00pm to 10.15pm and on Thursdays from 7.30pm to 10.00pm.  If a major public holiday conflicts with these rehearsal days, rehearsals are rescheduled.

Final and Dress Rehearsals held prior to the commencement of the opening of a musical production or concert are mandatory. Such rehearsals and the first few nights of a production run are scheduled during weekdays and TCS members are expected to arrange work schedules or apply for leave, in order to rest as well as to be in full attendance.


Vocal Lessons and Vibrato

We encourage all our members to have private vocal lessons by an approved vocal teacher. We need to mention that vibrato is for soloists as the occasional embellishment; not for a finely tuned chorus.

Financial Obligations

Upon passing the audition, candidates will pay a joining fee of RM150 and a recurring  monthly membership fee of RM100, payable in advance.  This provides them the opportunity to attend rehearsals but it should be noted that a member may not be ready and therefore not permitted to perform at at a public performance until we decide they are sufficiently competent.


Attendance Philosophy

Last but not least, this is a very  important subject matter has already been presented under the section About Us on this website.  However if you missed it, it is absolutely essential that you go through it  in detail by clicking here as this should be very clearly understood before you even proceed to audition with us.