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The Word


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The Word was the pioneer musical. Put together by a small group of music aficionados of just 6 sopranos, 3 altos, 2 tenors and 2 basses who had gathered together to make music and at the same time raise some funds for an orang asli community in Perak to purchase a couple of motorcycles. The musical was staged at Trinity Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya at 8.00pm Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December 1992 and was very well received and drew good houses on both evenings. This paved the way for our successive musicals. The musical is a Christmas classic with musical beauty with a spiritual and compelling content which is rare to find. This was also our first experience in having to seek out corporate support and sponsorships to finance a musical production.




Program Notes



December 1992

Good evening and welcome to this Christmas presentation.  Much of the words and music will be familiar.  What you do not recognize will be additions to the words and new style by way of music.  And these even though unfamiliar, nevertheless, will be interesting and exciting.

This presentation is not just a concert but a service of praise and worship.  Robert Englund, in his book, A Philosophy of Music, reminds us that "The role of the church musician not to use music for the primary purpose of aesthetic gratification but to use music as a means to lead the congregation to extra-musical experiences (worship, praise, meditation, prayer, stewardship, consecration and evangelism).  The church building is not primarily a concert hall but a house of worship.  Other activities legitimately transpire -  including concerts - in the church, but the primary to worship God."

I take this opportunity to thank Mr H.K. Chong and Ms Magdalene Tan, members of the choir and other supporting friends for their generous efforts in making this presentation possible.

Enjoy yourselves and may the presentation lead you to a meaningful Christmas.

God Bless You.

Reverend Ng Ee Lin





We are grateful to the composers Claiire Cloninger and Tom Fettke for the masterful and fresh compositions and arrangements for the words and music of "The Word" that have made it  a work of classic musical beauty, of exciting spirit and compelling content.  It has been a thoroughly enjoyable, rewarding and enriching experience going through this work.  We pray that we may do justice to it.

For this production of "The Word" we have omitted two numbers and added one number from one of the earliest contemporary musicals by Jimmy and Carol Owens, which speaks of our Lord's coming.  This has been deliberate and most surely not done in the spirit on improving on the original work, which cannot be improved on but rather to remind ourselves of our Lord's promise to return and take us unto Himself, amidst the tinsel and carols this Christmas Season - and hence to spur us to...

Carry the Light, carry the Light,
Go and tell the children they are previous in His signt,
Carry the Light, carry the Light,
Go and preach the Gospel till there is no more night,
In the name of Jesus Christ,
Carry the Light!



1    The Word is Alive

2    The Word Made Manifest with Joy to the World 

3    Hello Christmas

4    O Word of God Incarnate

5    Anthem for Christmas

6    Hush My Heart with Silent Night and O Holy Night

7    Angels from the Realms of Glory

8    Humble Hearts and Heavenly Voices

9    Jehovah to Me with Jesus Name Above All Names

10  Is He Coming for You?  

11  Speak Love

12  PROCLAIM! Carry the Light, Go and Tell, Go Tell it on the Mountain


Shirani Amarasingham    
May Ang
Mallika Lee
Noeline Cheah
Pan Swee Chin
Magdalene Tan
Alice Quay
Tina Tan
Ruth Thavaraj
Jonathan Chan
Chew Siang Chye
Cheong Weng Hoong
David Chong
Candle Boy
Justin Nga
Brian Tan
Cheong Weng Hoong
H.K. Chong






Producer Magdalene Tan 
Choreographt Christina Yap
Lighting & Sound
Kit Quay, Lee Seng Chit, Tay Bok Guan
Wong Wing Thim, Peter Tan & Team
Serene Teh
Candles & Holders
Alice Quay & Christina Yap
Program & Poster
Hardev Singh, Tina Tan
Program Production
Noeline Cheah, Magdalene Tan, Alice 
Finance Manager
Jonathan Chan
Invitation Coordinators          
Alice Quay, Shirani Amarasingham
Gerald Lee, Michelle Lee, Audrey Ng,
Jane Ng, Priya Veerapan, Elaine Yee,
Lynette Yee, Yong Wai Yin