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Make His Praise Glorious is one of the best loved Christmas musicals. Although conceived in the late 1980s the musical remains as one of the evergreen classics, offering rhythmic and exhilarating melodies, inspiring lyrics sustained with rich orchestration. A morning and evening performance of the musical was staged on Sunday 7 December 2003 for the benefit of City Disciple Presbyterian Church, Subang Jaya and People’s Park Baptist Church respectively both of which drew packed houses.

This musical will always remain as one of our favourites because of the richness and diversity in vocals and orchestration; beginning with the innocence of "Wonderful Things", the foot tapping and hand-clapping black gospel feel of "Oh Happy Day and Go Tell it On the Mountain Medley", the traditional carol medley ala congregation, to the driving energy of the Sandi Patti favourite “Make His Praise Glorious” - the theme song which reverberates of Psalm 66:1-2; "Shout with joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of His Name; make His praise glorious!". A few of the anthems from this musical have become the mainstay of our touring repertoire.



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This Christmas Season, The Canticle Singers is proud to present Make His Praise Glorious, one of the best loved  Christmas musicals. Although conceived in the late 1980s the musical is one of the evergreen classics, offering rhythmic and exhilarating melodies, inspiring and joyous lyrics sustained with rich orchestration. With much of  the new genres of Christian music being  "pop-laced  repetitions",  a revival of Make His Praise Glorious is timely. In creating the musical Make His Praise Glorious,  Deborah Harris and Mark Hayes sought a renewed sense of the wonder of the Christmas season, for a pervasive spirit  of praise to God in response to the abundance of His love so clearly seen in the face of Jesus Christ.

Christmas music was the composers' favourite type of music to write and arrange and Make His Praise Glorious was one of those rare projects where inspiration and tight production deadlines were "in synch".  Just as the finished mix of the album was being finalised, it was clear that  the whole work seemed to be characterised by joy more than any other quality.  And that is exactly what we hope that  you will hear in this musical.  From the innocence of  "Wonderful Things",  the foot tapping and hand-clapping black gospel feel of  the "Oh Happy Day and Go Tell it On the Mountain Medley",  the traditional carol medley ala congregation,  to the driving energy of the Sandi Patti favourite “Make His Praise Glorious”.


Christmas is a time when many of us are avalanched with so many activities and things - dinner parties, endless shopping lists, Christmas cards to send and even the traditional Christmas tree.... that have nothing to do with the true spirit of the season.  More often than not, we are only too glad when all the business and hive of activity are finally over.  This year we hope that Make His Praise Glorious  can play a part in your own personal preparation for Christmas.  Don't miss the joy and wonder that is in store for you.....Psalm 66:1-2; "Shout with joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of His Name; make His praise glorious!" The musical comprises soloists, mixed voices and chorus. Soloists for this production include Elvira Arul, Michelle Ho, Doreen Tang, Praveen Abraham, Tan Ooi Meng, Chang Yow Kheong, Philip Poh, Thomas Ng.




1  Overture with "Prepare Him Room" and "Every Valley Shall be Exalted"
Praveen Abraham, Philip Poh and Chorus

2   Wonderful  Things
Chorus and Mixed Voices

3   Oh Happy Day Medley with
"Go Tell It on the Mountain" and "Amen"
Michelle Ho, Chang Yow Keong,
Praveen Abraham, Philip Poh and Chorus

4  Tiny Hand in Mine
Doreen Tang and Chorus

5   Worship Him
Chorus and Mixed Voices

6   My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation
with "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus"
Tan Ooi Meng, Elvira Arul and Chorus

7   Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne

8   Let Them See Christ in Me
Thomas Ng and Chorus

9   Make His Praise Glorious

10  The Finale with Reprise of " Oh Happy Day"
and "Wonderful Things” and  a  Carol Medley
of "Good Christians All Rejoice", "Hark the Herald",
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", " Joy to the World"
and Oh Come All Ye Faithful" (Chorus) and
concluding with ", "Make His Praise Glorious".


Praveen Abraham*
Elvira Arul*
Ivy Chan
Chang Yow Keong*
Michelle Ho*
Khu Gek Sim
Deborah Leong Yin Wah
Lim Choo Leong*
Vivien Loh Jee Wae
Thomas Ng Chee Kin*
Philip Poh Yik Hsiung*
Tan Ooi Meng*
Teoh Lee Mei
Patrick Ung
Doreen Tang*
Elaine Wong Pui Sze

*Soloists of The Company


Lim Choo Leong
Khu Gek Sim


Music Director
Artistic Director
Chin San Sooi
Company Manager
Lim Choo Leong
Chorus Mistress
Doreen Tan
Tai Pei Ling
Patrick Ung
Cheryl Lim P P
Music Librarian
Khu Gek Sim
Sound & Lighting Director
Wong Wing Thim
assisted by
Ivy Wong
Sound Engineer
Kenneth Ooi
Technical Manager
Harris Cazaly
assisted by
Noel Jayaratnam
Tan Meng Guan
Wong Li Jian