In Heaven's Eyes


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In Heaven's Eyes was our second musical and was staged on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December 1994 at Trinity Methodist Church Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. This was in response to a request by Dignity and Services to stage a benefit concert to help them raise. The organisation is an advocacy movement, speaking and acting on behalf and alongside children with learning disabilities and who come from different cultural and religious backgrounds. The chorus numbered 7 women and 6 men and gave a more than commendable performance. The focus of the musical In Heaven's Eyes, reminded us of how our Creator looks at us just as we are and how He intervenes and comes into our everyday human and ordinary conditions.




Program Notes


The Directors of Dignity and Services are most grateful to The Canticle Choir for donating the proceeds of these two concerts to help in the work for advocacy for personw with learning disabilities.

In the Bible we are commanded to “speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute”. Proverbs 31:8

All over the world, persons with learning difficulties(the mentally handicapped) are the ‘"cinderellas” amongst persons with disabilities.  In our own country well over half the children with learning difficulties are receiving no form of training/education.  Through literature, the encouragement of Family Support Groups and Self-Advocacy Groups and through many other ways, Dignity and Services is seeking to speak up for persons with learning difficulties so that they may have a better quality of life.

I know that The Canticle Choir has spent very many hours rehearsing for these two concerts and I am certain that through their singing, we will be reminded of the great love that God has for all of us.  May these concerts inspire us to pass on this love and justice – especially to those who are disadvantaged and are unable to speak up for themselves.

Dato Dr S.C.E. Abraham






This musical is a combination of selected arrangements from "Calvary's Love" by Greg Nelson, Tom Fettke and Phill McHugh; "In All of His Glory" by Kathy Frizzell and Karla Worley and "The Word" by Claire Cloninger and Tom Fettke.

The result of this is a reminder that God came that very first Christmas to us in our everyday human and ordinary conditions and that He loves each and every one of us just as we are.  An attempt is made to take a deeper look into the qualities of Christ's love as He dealt with individuals He encountered:  the disheartened woman at the well in Samaria, nervous Nicodemus and many others including the sick and disabled...and there, love, grace and mercy abounded.  These were evident again when He died on the cross for our sins.  The musical also explores the probable experiences and feelings some of us are going through and reflects on the love He has given us.

As we allow His love to overwhelm us and draw us closer to Him this Christmas, may we too abound in compassion for those around us who are ill, depressed or confused, less fortunate, disabled or infirm....and see them through His eyes and respond to them as He would.

It is in this spirit that we dedicated this concert to the mission of Dignity and Services.

"In heaven's eyes there are no losers
In heaven's eyes, no hopeless cause
Only people like you with feelings like me
And we're amazed by the grace we can find
In heaven's eyes."


The Canticle Singers





Part I
The Beginning
Almighty God
Words & Music by Greg Nelson and Phill

McHugh arranged by Tom Fettke
Before All Time
Words & Music by Tom Fettke

Grace and Truth Words & Music by Greg Nelson and Phil
McHugh and Tom Fettke, arranged by Tom Fettke
Part II
The Advent
Carol Medley including It Came Upon
Traditional, arranged by Bruce Greer
a Midnight Clear, Silent Night, O Little
Town of Bethlehem
Hello Christmas
Words & Music by Kathy Frizzell,

arranged by Tom Fettke

O Word of God Incarnate
Words & Music and arranged by Tom Fettke

Anthem for Christmas
Words &  Music by Michael W Smith,

arranged by Tom Fettke

Part III
The Samaritan Woman
The Word Became Flesh
Words & Music by Tom Fettke

In Heaven's Eyes
Words & Music by  Phill McHugh, arranged by

Tom Fettke

Part IV
The Recapitulation
This Child Is
Words & Music by Kathy Frizzell and Karla

Worley arranged by Bruce Greer

Part V
Nicodemus the Man
The Word Became Flesh
Words & Music by Tom Fettke using portions of

of music by George C Stebbins

Only Jesus
Words & Music by Grey Nelson and Phill

McHugh arranged by Tom Fettke

The Captives Went Free Words & Music by Greg Nelson and Phill

McHugh arranged by Tom Fettke

Part VI
His Love and Mercy
Glorious Love
Words & Music by Kathy Frizzell and Karla Worley,

arranged by Bruce Greer

God's Glory
Music by Bruce Greer

Move Me Closer
Words & Music by Luanne Mohr, arranged by

Bruce Greer

The Language of Jesus is Love
Words & Music by Scott Lesley Brown, Greg

Nelson, Phill McHugh and Phil Naish. arranged

by Tom Fettke

Part VII
Our Response
Finale including Praise You,  I will
Traditional, arranged by Tom Fettke
Praise You and O Lord, Our Lord




Alice Quay    
Khu Gek Sim
Ho Yuw Ming
Jennifer Cheong
Premita Sekaran
Christine Immanuel
Shirani Amarasingham
Jonathan Chan
Sim Bock San
Tan Ooi Meng
Oh Kean Leng
Chan Yau Liang
Khu Wei Kiat




Music Director H.K. Chong
Assisted by
Jennifer Cheong
Concert Manager
Ho Yuw Ming
Publicity Manager
Jennifer Cheong
Invitation Coordinator
Alice Quay
Christina Yap
Lighting and Sound
Kit Quay, Tay Bok Guan, 
Quek Wee Kee and team
Stage Set amd Lighting
Tay Teck Sing and executed
by Trinity MYF
Drafts and Manuscripts
Evelyn Lee
Programme Production
H.K. Chong
Production Accountant
Jonathan Chan
Serene Teh
Floral Arrangements
Arranged by Vivian Chong and team
Property and Stage
Chan Yau Liang, Oh Kian Leng,
Khu Wei Kiat and Jonathan Chan